Application for accommodation

Must be sent before 4th of April 2018

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    Name of the institution - in English (required):  

    Name of the institution in national language (optional):  

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    I would like to ask for FREE PARTICIPATION (fee* zero Euro):  

    /the university offers support to a limited number of participants/

    Official Letter of Invitation is necessary  

    If “Yes”: - “It should be sent at the same address as above  

    If there is a different address, please give us the details where the “Letter/ Letters of Invitation” should be sent):

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    Payment details

    50 EURO (fifty EURO) should be paid to the bank account:

    Institution: Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Tarnowie,

    Address of the institution: Mickiewicza 8, 33-100 Tarnów, Poland

    Bank name: Bank Pekao S.A.

    Bank account: PL68 1240 4748 1978 0000 4878 0285


    The fee is 50 EURO per each person and it includes:

    • Conference materials (open access)
    • accommodation (hostel or dormitory, up to 3 nights).
    • Breakfast and lunch on 16th of May, breakfast and lunch on 17th of May
    • Professional visit

    Personal data for each person (teacher/ student):

    Name (required):  

    Surname (required):  

    Academic title (optional):  


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    Address (street, number) (optional) :  

    City (required):  

    Country (required):  

    I would like to ask for accommodation (hostel /or dormitory):  

    If “Yes” please, tick the appropriate date when accommodation is needed:

    15/16 of May 2018
    16/17 of May 2018
    17/18 of May 2018

    Optional: I would stay by myself at the address (give us address of the hotel/ hostel):  

    Please remind about the European Health Insurance or Equivalent!

    Optional: My insurance is:

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